Papelmedia Final SF2 XXL - Strings

Simon Tristan Papel
21 February 2017



Papelmedia Strings no Stacs.sf2 (20.07 MB, 21 February 2017)
Papelmedia Strings Staccato.sf2 (2.84 MB, 21 February 2017)
Papelmedia_Strings_1.sf2 (22.9 MB, 21 February 2017)
Papelmedia_Strings_Tremolo.sf2 (4.93 MB, 21 February 2017)


  • Damien

    Very nice sound ! Thank you

  • Timothy Weber

    This seems very useful! For others wondering what to download:

    • Staccato plays each note briefly, and has natural reverb after.
    • no Stacs holds notes until a "note off" (e.g., you release the keyboard key) and has no reverb - a fast release.
    • Strings_1 combines both of those, depending on how long you hold the note.
    • Tremolo has tremolo bowing, and a release like "no Stacs."
  • corentin

    very good maked i loved it so much

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