Early European Instruments

27 May 2020

Just a few instruments I decided to make because I could not find a free soundfont with them. The instruments included are as follows:


Hurdy Gurdy


Irish Lyre


Quality is not the same as that of a professional soundfont, but it works.



EarlyEuropean.sf2 (13.95 MB, 27 May 2020)
Just a collection of instruments I couldn't find elsewhere for free. Quality is not the equivalent of a paid soundfont, but it works well for my purposes. Includes a hurdy gurdy, a tagelharpa, jouhikko, cornamuse, and a lyre.


  • Cecilie Nielsen

    The hurdy gurdy and the cornmuse are in tune, but the rest are not.

    I think the hurdy gurdy is the most interesting one.

    • John Carter

      Yeah, I have a new one in the works that is better, but it's over the size limit on free. I'm going to see if there's any way I can make it smaller, but the things might not be in tune. I've never done ear training beyond recognition of musical intervals, so I used a guitar tuner app for this one. Recently, I found a program that hopefully fixes that.

      Edit: Here it is! I managed to slim it down to around 7 MB

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